Wednesday, November 25, 2020

100-Day Practice! Day 5

 Day 5

Long before I began my specific trek in Qigong and Taijiquan, I was an avid long distance runner (Mile, X-country, and aspiring Marathoner). While X-country racing is scored as a team endeavor, each runner performs individually. No one except you puts one foot in front of the other up hills and across railroad tracks in frigid weather wearing a singlet. I remember one race when it actually began snowing midway through the event! You know I was't about to stop running to walk through the woods in a singlet just because I was tired or sore. 

My point in sharing this is those experiences honed my awareness of the possibility to complete a task begun in spite of the obstacles. They cultivated my a ability to stay the course, literally, and not to quit until I finished. Did I ever have to change my tempo during a race? Did I ever have to make mental and emotional adjustments to keep going even when I was unfamiliar with the event's course? Did I ever run a race when I was hurt and in pain? The answer to all those questions is, "Yes, of course." Wha I learned was the beauty of never giving up and the flexibility and patience required to successfully complete a race. 

These same fundamental character traits and skills are required to complete the 100-Day Practice. They are learned by going through the process 

This day and the next several through the 14th day of the practice may prove challenging emotionally, mentally, and physically. Embrace that as part of the process of shedding what no longer serves you in preparation for the way you prefer to BE. There can be a built-in subconscious resistance to change despite your sincere desire to be different. If you can hold on to that awareness and allow yourself to observe rather than judge yourself or your commitment, those growing "pains" will be assuaged and you'll continue through to February 28th.

Many years ago my father shared this quotation with me, "A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits!" 


"To be great, get it done!"

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