Saturday, September 9, 2017

Transitions 2...

In March of this year, I started climbing the rope on a regular basis as part of my conditioning and strength training. Part of my motivation was to equal or exceed the existing record time for climbing up the rope--12 seconds. The video below records my attempt at doing this just as the semester ended in June...   

                                                              Video credit: Michelle Lin

I've been back 'on the mountain' exactly one week today, but only training since Monday (5 days). It feels like a month already! With my first year behind me, I have a different perspective and appreciation for the volume of work we put in each day with our training. It truly is intensive.

I'm putting into practice the lessons I learned about pacing myself and am discovering how to immerse myself in each training module throughout the day without getting overly fatigued physically or mentally. Yet, I'm somehow able to extract a deeper benefit than before. Obviously, some of that results from the time and effort I already invested the first year.

With time seemingly passing by quicker now, I have specific and measureable goals I've set for myself for the remaining 14 weeks. Each day is a building block toward successfully achieving those. One goal I have is to reduce my rope climbing time to 10 seconds or less... I'll share others as time passes.

This week I added Panther Crawling to my conditioning and strength training routine along with ground rolling and gentle tumbling. Remember when we were children and played on the ground in the playground? When was the last time you spent some time literally rolling around on the ground? It's great for flexibility, proprioception, and softening those hardened regions of our body (butt, attitude, etc.). The video below is of my Panther Crawling up and down the hill at the Retreat Center.

                                                            Video credit: Jamie Urquhart

This second year is a pivotal one toward preparing to complete the final year of the program and then return to "the valley" in 2019. I look forward to rejoining my colleagues in doing the Work required to help uplift the vibrational frequencies of those most in need that resonate with what I will be able to offer.

I sincerely thank all of you who have offered your financial support to make it possible for me to continue this journey. I am truly humbled by your generosity as well as your belief in the work I do. On those days when my energy may feel insufficient, I think of you and keep it moving...

Stay tuned for more that I'll share as autumn makes its way here in the next several weeks. Meanwhile, make the most of each moment, commit to being at your best, and express your gratitude for that which you have already been blessed with as you leave room to receive all that you deserve as your spiritual birthright...

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All things are possible once you clearly see it, commit your every action to achieving it, and know that what appears to be a roadblock in your way or failure is just preparation for more than you even anticipated achieving. Don't give in, don't give up!