Friday, January 1, 2021

100-Day Practice! Day 42

 Happy New Year

This may sound odd to say, but I'm grateful for the past four years. Not happy, grateful. 

Admittedly, the "emperor" is a genius at sucking the air out of any room and sloppily grafting himself onto one's mental and emotional space (icky enough to want to psychically shower every day). The economic construct we live in made it easy for him to manipulate the media for his benefit and our detriment. Bad news especially sells!

He had years of practice in New York amidst its false glamour as well as guidance and support by nefarious surrogates, at home and internationally, prior to overreaching for the throne. And during these past four years, there were ample numbers of congressional 'Renfields' (men AND women) complicit in maintaining the illusion, satisfied to feast on their token insect and rat blood meals of misplaced loyalty. 

However, the heat of Truth has sufficiently begun melting his pan-cake coverage of alternate facts. Ultimately, the pendulum must swing in the opposite direction from any extreme trajectory. That's not fake news. And although his shenanigans continue and their reverberations will persist long after he's gone, someday he'll be buried in some cemetery that no one visits and his name will no longer be a licensing instrument, but rather just a research footnote about failed narcissistic bullies.

I'm grateful that he and his ilk have laid completely bare the blatant and wretched pathology of the heart and Spirit that is endemic to the past and current history of America. It is not only the "emperor" that has no clothes, America stands stark naked, too, reconstruction scars and careless implants plainly visible. More importantly, the more I sit in quiet meditation, the more clear it becomes that these inequities have their root in spiritual vacuity, not in personality. 

So, I continue to sit each morning and I appreciate that you are sitting, too. Day 42 with 58 remaining in this 100-Dat Practice!


"To be great, get it done!,